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Japan Presidency at the UN Security Council 2023

Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Koro Bessho. Photo: Kyodo 2023

Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Koro Bessho. Photo: Kyodo 2023

WebPublicaPress (UN New York) – Japan’s presidency over the United Ntions Security Council in January 2023 will follow full transparency, strive for efficiency and effectiveness, says their Mission’s statement. Japanese diplomats saying it is essential if the Security Council is to be able to fully deliver on its responsibility to maintain international peace and security.

“To this end, Japan is committed to fully implementing the Provisional Rules of Procedure, Presidential Note S/2017/507 and the subsequent notes. More specifically, the Presidency of Japan will put emphasis on: striking a balance between open and closed discussions; encouraging Council members and Rule 37/39 participants/briefers to be succinct and focused in their statements in line with Note 507; seeking synergy with other UN bodies as well as regional organizations; consulting with the affected states to seek their views; being open to civil society voices; and sharing the predecessors’ commitments regarding Women Peace and Security (WPS).”

“Efficiency, while preserving wider participation in the work of the Security Council, is important. To make a step forward, Japan encourages Member States to inform the Presidency of their intention to request Rule 37/39 participation in advance, preferably by one day before the meeting, if it is for a scheduled meeting. For the purpose of increasing predictability, Japan intends the speaking order of Council members to be conducted by a draw in general, as per paragraph 24 of Note 507, whenever applicable – namely for Open debates, Debates, Briefings, and Private meetings. A sign- up sheet will be used for Adoptions. Japan takes note that for the purpose of promoting focused and interactive exchanges of views, there are discussions on appropriate usage of phones during the meetings.”

Japan Mission to the United Nations say they are looking forward to work closely with other 14 Council members, the wider membership, other UN bodies, civil society, and others in order for the Security Council to fulfill its mandate to maintain international peace and security.

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