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“Havana Syndrome” Etc.

Cuba, Havana - courtesy photo for education only

Cuba, Havana – courtesy photo for education only

WebPublicaPress (New York) – The US intelligence community concluded it was unlikely that the so-called “Havana syndrome” was caused by a foreign adversary.

The new intelligence assessment found no credible evidence that any US adversary had a weapon or device capable of causing symptoms behind the mysterious syndrome, DW has reported.

What did US intelligence conclude?

The Washington Post first reported that seven intelligence agencies reviewed over a thousand cases.

Of the seven agencies, five determined that it was “very unlikely,” while the other two said it was “unlikely.”

A US official told reporters that most of the cases “can be reasonably explained by medical conditions or environmental and technical factors, including previously undiagnosed illnesses.”

What is Havana syndrome?

The US Embassy in Cuba restarted full visa and consular operations in January for the first time since 2017, when staff fell ill with mysterious symptoms known as “Havana syndrome.”

While there clearly is no standardized definition of the affliction, those who have been affected have reported drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, and problems with hearing and vision.

Some of those affected also ended up losing their hearing permanently.

Unexplained cases also popped up in Colombia, Vietnam, Russia, China, Austria, and even Berlin.

Medical experts who looked at some of those first affected in Cuba found concussion-like symptoms, except that they didn’t disappear.

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