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US Uncertain – UN turned into a humanitarian organization

Erol Avdović, Sarajevo 4 January 2023 at the Council of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI) Photo by FENA - Federal News Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Erol Avdović, Sarajevo 4 January 2023 at the Council of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI) Photo by FENA – Federal News Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

WebPublicPress (Sarajevo / New York) - Journalist and publicist Erol Avdović believes that the current priority of the US administration is the war in Ukraine, that BiH is on the sidelines and that the regional priority is Kosovo.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing that the United Nations have long played a role that is intended for them, if we are not exempted by deceitful convictions and the most politically and morally correct – starting by the Secretary-General of Antonia Guterres to the lower officials in the world organization. So The speech is correct but the UN action is always late and insufficient, “says Avdović, who has been a permanent correspondent for the most famous Bosnian media and those in the UN Western Balkans in New York.

Avdović spoke today at the forum of the Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals on the topic “View from New York – Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans” and on that occasion analyzed American policy, intentions and plans.

He reminded that Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the war, was viewed with empathy, through the media, the way CNN perceived the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“BiH was constantly on the front pages of the media, unlike the war in Ukraine, which is not in the media every day, not as much as BiH was,” he said.

Bosnia in the middle of the storm

Today, he says, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not on the front pages in the US every day, but it is still present, and it is in 26th place on the US administration’s list of priorities.

Although today it seems that the US administration has one plan and some politicians another, Avdović says that this is not the case and that it is very well organized who is doing what.

“To preserve BiH in its territorial integrity and sovereignty, but also to help some democratic growth within BiH itself, not necessarily with the same actors who have been there all this time,” says Avdović.

Secondly, he added, some elements are not about what are proclaimed American values: democracy, freedom, and human rights.

“We can see the violations of human rights, violations of what are basic American values in the BiH Electoral Law, that the Americans supported through High Representative Christian Schmidt,” Avdović pointed out.

In this, he adds, the objections to the US administration are justified, with the fact that it should be borne in mind that the priorities of the US administration are something else, than Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The priority of the US administration is Ukraine, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and everything is analyzed in this context. These are priorities, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the sidelines,” stressed Avdović.

America also has a regional priority, he believes, and that is Kosovo, and “the Americans are very interested in solving the problem of Kosovo, that is, the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia, if it is even possible to achieve that”.

UN will have to reform itself

Once again, as far as the UN is concerned, in recent years, it seems that he did not succeed in no

Zgrada UN-a na East Riveru, New York (WPP photo archive)

Zgrada UN-a na East Riveru, New York (WPP photo archive)

way to come out below the spouts of great powers. Yes, the UN General Assembly is the most significant multilatered global forum, but the East River does not make ad-hock decisions that change the world a long time.

“I’ve seen the best diplomats of the world here and here what to learn, but they are not all powerless ones – especially if they do not belong to the P-5 group of countries, UK, France, Russia and China. I Not only: Large humanitarian actions for assessing the assistance to Yemen regularly end up without expected results. This 2023 was expected to collect over $ 4 billion for Yemen, and in February just about $ 1 billion, “says Avdovic, Otherwise the editor-in-chief of WebPublicPress.

It reminds that UN reforms are almost granted and there is no shift on, although they were announced, and even promised the UN Secretary-General of the late Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-moon to this present, Mr. Guterres. None of that. For now. Or, maybe never.


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