Struggle for Dominance Uphold the UN Charter

By Jonathan Power* - LUND, Sweden  — Eleven hundred years ago Europe was a backwater. There were no grand cities, apart from Cordoba in Spain which was Muslim. Muslim Spain was the epicentre of learning in Western Europe.
The Middle East was much further ahead, still absorbing the intellectual delights and challenges of Greek science, medicine and [...]

UN Summit – Water Will be Issue in the 21. Century

By Erol Avdović – WebPublicaPress (New York – United Nations) - The Shakespearean
dilemma for the United Nations has long been not whether it can make a difference in a world facing catastrophic challenges, acting rather as a humanitarian organization that is only among the first on the scene of tragedy – but what the UN can [...]

UN – Education Must Work

By Yasmin Sherif  (New York) - In one week, on 16-17 February, the world will converge in Geneva – the United Nations humanitarian capital – for the first Education Cannot Wait High-Level Financing Conference (HLFC). From near and afar, ECW stakeholders around the globe will travel to Switzerland to represent our shared determination in delivering on the foundational [...]

Simply Wrong Methods

By Thalif Dean — (UNITED NATIONS) - Hinting at “Western hypocrisy”, a senior UN official once told a group of reporters, perhaps half-jokingly: “When you go on one of those sight-seeing tours in Europe, they will show you their palaces and castles– but never their medieval prisons or torture chambers.”
The world’s torturers, according to Western nations, [...]

Kosovo — Serbia Normalization Imperative

WebPublicaPress – New York – (IFIMES – Ljubljana, Slovenia) Relations between Serbia and Kosovo had a tumultuous start to 2023. In late 2022, tensions threatened to escalate into an armed conflict. However, the intervention of the EU, and primarily the US and NATO, prevented an outbreak of a new conflict in the region.
The Russian invasion [...]

Nucles And Nationalism

By Andrew Lichterman* - OAKLAND, California (IDN) — Seventy-seven years ago, the United Nations General Assembly passed its first resolution. The subject the governments represented there thought important enough to be first on their agenda was the establishment of a commission to develop proposals for the control of atomic energy and “for the elimination from national [...]

U.N. Peacekeepers — Victims of Deadly Attacks

By Thalif Deen - UNITED NATIONS (New York) — The UN’s peacekeepers, described as one of the most hazardous jobs at the United Nations, routinely risk their lives either in ongoing military conflicts or in post-conflict war zones.
According to figures released by the UN Staff Union on January 20, at least 32 UN peacekeeping personnel—28 military [...]

UN Report on Exploitation of Human Beings

By Aurora Weiss - VIENNA (IDN) — Though the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises are increasing the possibility of vulnerable human beings easily falling into the trap of criminal exploitation for the sole purpose of economic gain, a new UN report finds that fewer victims of this kind of modern slavery are being identified.
The Global Report on [...]

EU i Reforme UN-a

Komentar Erol Avdović (WebPublicaPress – New York) – Nedavno glasanje u Prlamentarnoj skupštini Vijeća Evrope pokazalo je da Evropska unija (EU) ne samo shvata težinu riječi consensus, koja je postala njen demokratski amblem u Briselu, ali i šire, već da je spremna evoulirati usvajajući instrument kvalificirane većine. Jer, to naprosto nalaže situacija zbog ruskog rata [...]

U.N. on Women’s Rights

WebPublicaPress (New York – United Nations) - Deputy UN Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, the Executive Director of UN Women, Sima Bahous, and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Department of Political, Peacebuilding Affairs and Peace Operations, Khaled Khiari, completed a four-day visit to Afghanistan to appraise the situation, engage de facto authorities and underscore UN solidarity with the [...]

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