No War But Air Pollution

By Felix Home – New York (IPS) - Tarik, age 42, lives in a village adjacent to a decades-old coal power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the day we visited, Bosnian cities were some of the most polluted places on Earth. Describing the devastating health toll the air pollution took each year on the village’s [...]

Roberto Savio: Last Statesman

By ROBERTO SAVIO* – MEER – (Other News) - With the death of Mikhail Gorbachev, the last great statesman, and an entire epoch, disappears. I had the privilege of working with him, as deputy director of the World Political Forum, which Gorbi had founded in Turin in 2003, with a headquarters agreement with the Piedmont Region. [...]

Mariupol, Kharkiv and Bucha like Sarajevo in 1992

By Stephan Schwartz * - Today it is Mariupol, Kharkiv or #Bucha, at the time it was #Sarajevo30,
Višegrad or Srebrenica. 30 years ago from today the Bosnian Serbs, with support from Belgrade, began the siege of the Bosnian capital that was to last 1425 days. A  on this sad anniversary and… also on parallels and differences: Unlike #Ukraine today, at the [...]

UN Between Big Words, Big Money & Slim Results

Analysis by Erol Avdović – WebPublicaPress (United Nations – New York) – At the very begging of December  United Nations Secretary General’s Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said  the UN hailed dialogue between Russian and US Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, and expressed the hope it will help reduce tension in relations between the two countries. And [...]

Our Values Should Drive Our Technology Choices

By Dr Ulf Ehlert (NATO Review) - It is fair to say that our relationship with technology is complicated. Just look at headline topics like renewable energy or Artificial Intelligence (AI), or consider pharmaceuticals, automotive, consumer electronics, social media and biotechnology. On the topic of any of these technologies, you’ll almost certainly hear a cacophony of [...]

Airbus Compete Boeing

WebPublicPress (New York) – Australian airline Qantas has chosen twinjets by European builder Airbus to modernize its fleet. The decision is a setback to US planemaker Boeing, which supplies much of Qantas’ domestic fleet at present, Deutsche Welle (DW) has reported quoting other news sources.
The Australian flag carrier Qantas on Thursday announced it would buy [...]

No Democracy – No Solution

By Dr. Denis Zvizdić * – The today’s world is a global community more than ever before. We are connected in various ways, we live in the age of the fourth industrial revolution, in the age of the Internet. The information is the greatest value today and that information travels from one end of the [...]

FAO on Food We Consume

WebPublicaPress (UNITED NATIONS) Rome/New York – The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has finally come up with a set of instructions on how to assess the safety of the food we consume. This is important not only because we need to reaffirm the old truth that food is like a medicine – for the treatment of many [...]

Poor Countries May Wait For Vaccines Until 2024

WebPublicaPress – Geneva/New York – If most of the whole world, meaning the rich but also the poor, do not get vaccine against COVID-19, then the effectiveness of vaccines in environments that can afford them, because they can buy them, will not be successful. The whole planet is in danger because of that.
Will rich pay for global [...]

Alexei Navalny – Remember Him

WebPublicaPress (New York) – France has urged Germany to scrap a major gas pipeline project — Nord Stream 2 — with Russia. EU members are considering sanctions over the detention of Alexei Navalny and a crackdown against his supporters, DW (Deutsche Welle) has reported.
The greatest challenger to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule is a man [...]

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