Richard Haas on Afghanistan

By Richard Haass  – NEW YORK – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country. His government has collapsed as Taliban fighters enter Kabul. Bringing back memories of the ignominious fall of Saigon in 1975, two decades of America’s military presence in Afghanistan has vanished in a matter of weeks. How did it come to this?

There [...]

Turkey – Healthy Food

WebPublicPress NEW YORK –  Turkey offers a table of abundant resources for sustainable gastronomy tourism, according to a Turkish culinary expert who says authenticity should be preserved to maintain it, Hurriyet Turkish Daily News in English has reported from Istanbul.
“To make the most of this potential, we should make the preservation of the local gastronomic heritage our focus,” Zeynep Kakınç, chair of [...]

Calm Before Next Storm

By Sarah Hofmann (DW – Deutsche Welle)  - The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is giving people on both sides time to breathe. But it is not a real step toward peace in the Middle East,

The full significance of a cease-fire can possibly be comprehended only by those who have experienced what it is like while the firing is [...]

Why AP Was Targeted

By Thalif Deen* - NEW YORK (IDN) — The destruction of a 12-storeyed building in Gaza City on May 15—which was home to several news organizations including the Associated Press (AP) and Al-Jazeera—has triggered a loaded question: was it a deliberate Israeli airstrike to silence the media or was it an avoidable accident?
Norman Solomon, Executive Director [...]

Lasting Consequences

By Kersten Knipp (Deutsche Welle) – The escalation of violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories is straining Israel’s relations with the Arab world. Countries that have agreed to a normalization of bilateral relations are now under pressure.

The recent street fights in east Jerusalem, which led to an open military confrontation between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza [...]

Decade of Despair

By John J. Metzler - A decade ago, winds of change and calamity blew across the Middle East.  From Tunisia to  Egypt, Syria, and later Libya, entrenched autocracies were challenged politically by what became known as the Arab Spring, a series of popular and quasi-democratic uprisings which shook the status quo and smashed the old order.
Sadly the Arab Spring soon [...]

Will Lebanon Recover

By Samira Sadeque - UNITED NATIONS – Lebanon must “shield and preserve” the skills, knowledge, and experience of its people in order to move forward with its development, according to Christophe Abi-Nassif, the Lebanon programme director for the Middle East Institute (MEI).
“Shielding and preserving whatever is left of Lebanon’s human capital should be the main policy-making concern at [...]

Remember Arab Spring

By John J. Metzler - There’s a special kind of Hell which befalls refugees and displaced persons during a harsh     winter.  And now as that season approaches, Syria stands at the brink after a decade of conflict and calamity and with no genuine end in sight.  Regional cease fires and optimism over intermittent negotiations are but milestones on a [...]

Israel Wins UN Legal Body

WEBPUBLICAPRESS (New York – October 6, 2020) Following a diplomatic effort led by Israel’s Ambassador Gilad Erdan and the Israeli Mission to the UN, as they announced I their written press statement – the Legal Advisor Sarah Weiss Maudi was appointed to serve as the  UN Israel. Weiss Maudi will represent the Western Europe and Others [...]

Erdogan – Putin Deal

(WebPublicaPress) – New York/Moscow – During talks, Putin offered his condolences to Erdogan after 34 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack. He implied that the attack could also have been avoided had Ankara identified the location of its troops, DW (Deutsche Welle) reported quoting other news agencies.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep [...]

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