Mujanović: West has lost the plot in the Balkans

By Jasmin Mujanović – Images of pipe-wielding and stone-throwing Serb militant nationalists assaulting NATO peacekeepers in the northern Kosovo town of Zvecan in late May put the Balkan country in the international spotlight once again. The violence erupted in the Serb-majority north of the country after Kosovo police escorted to work mayors who had been recently elected in [...]

Peneta – Ukraine is winning — Russia is losing

Interview by Faces of Democracy initiative – New York – Leon Edward Panetta served as the 23rd United States Secretary of Defense from 2011 to 2013. Before joining the Department of Defense, he served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Today, the now 84-year-old diplomat – together with his wife – leads the “Panetta Institute [...]

West Being Wrong on Balkans For a Long Time

By Majda Ruge (European Council of Foreign Affairs) – The European Union and the United States pursue four broad foreign policy objectives in their relations with Serbia: contain Russia, contain China, normalise Serbia-Kosovo relations, and protect the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, for many years now they have achieved little success on any of [...]

Secretary Antony Blinken — United States do Have Geopolitical Disruptors With Russia and China

WebPublicaPress / New York( / from the US Secretary of State desk – Last week, Mr Anthony Blinken traveled to Chicago, Illinois to participate in a moderated conversation at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics with its founder, David Axelrod. This is what they talked about:
On the Two-Year Anniversary of the Biden Administration 
MR . AXELROD: This isn’t just the [...]

New Era & Value of Strong Multilateral Cooperation in a Fractured World

By Ulrika Modéer and Tsegaye Lemma - UNITED NATIONS
- The multilateral system, even in the face of heightened geopolitical tension and big power rivalry, remains the uniquely inclusive vehicle for managing mutual interdependencies in ways that enhance national and global welfare. The complex challenges of a global pandemic, climate emergency, inequality and the risk of nuclear conflict cannot be dealt [...]

Dr. Denis Becirovic – Bosnia Can be Mediator That Would Truly Connect Europe and Asia,

By Denis Becirovic (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Obtaining a candidate status to join the European Union after decades of obstacles and uncertainty is undoubtedly an important achievement for both Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the EU. However, examining the steps ahead to a full EU membership would be incomplete without looking at the wider [...]

US and Russia Proxy War Over Ukraine

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS  - A US Senator once described Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, perhaps facetiously, as “a Winston Churchill in a tee shirt”.
And last month, when he addressed the US Congress – with the presence of about 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen – he tried to re-live that moment.
While most of the [...]

EU Energy Crisis is Destroying Multipolar World

By Jeff D. Colgan, (an associate professor of political science at Brown University) – The energy crisis provoked by the war in Ukraine may prove so economically destructive to both Russia and the European Union that it could eventually diminish both as great powers on the world stage. The implication of this shift—still dimly understood—is that we [...]

Rosenthal – Crisis & Responsible Internationalism

By Joel Rosenthal (New York) – As world leaders meet in New York City for the annual United
Nations General Assembly, responsible internationalism—the very idea upon which the UN was founded—faces a moment of crisis. Secretary-General António Guterres stressed this idea in his opening remarks, saying, “We are gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction.”
Serial failures of the [...]

Transforming Girls’ Education – Changing World

By Helen Grant and Yasmin Sherif – NEW YORK – (IPS) - As we approach this year’s Transforming Education Summit, global leaders can and must prioritize expertise and mobilize political will to support efforts to ensure inclusive and quality education for all, especially girls. This is at the heart of Sustainable Development Goal 4 in the 2030 Agenda for [...]

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