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Ongoing and Devastating Loss of Civilian Lives in a Middle East War Fuelled by Western Arms

By Thalif Deen - UNITED NATIONS (IDN) — The Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen on January 21, which killed at least 70 civilians, has shifted the focus once again to the festering seven-year-old conflict in the Middle East, which the UN has described as “the world’s worst humanitarian disaster”.
The disproportionate retaliation was a response to a drone [...]

Russian Bear and Ukraine’s Fate in the Balance

By John J. Metzler - Russian tanks and mechanized infantry are churning dangerously close to Ukraine’s borders. Politicians are in overdrive trying to find new adjectives and soundbites to describe the combustable situation.  Diplomats throughout Europe and the USA are trying to stop the clock on what’s presumed to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most recent military [...]

Thalif Deen – Battle for Palestine and the Day When David Felled Goliath with a Stone

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS  - When Israeli Ambassador Gilat Erdan made an unusual presentation before the Security Council last week displaying a large rock, which he claimed, was hurled at Israeli vehicles in the Occupied Territories, a reporter at a UN press conference asked whether Palestinians will be given the right of reply— [...]

Pandemic Makes Rich – Richer and Poor – Poorer

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS  - The numbers are unbelievably staggering: the world’s 10 richest men more than doubled their fortunes from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion —at a rate of $15,000 per second or $1.3 billion a day, according to a new study from Oxfam International.
These phenomenal changes in fortunes took place during [...]

Welcome to Dystopian Olympic Games in China

WebPoublicaPress – New York – Anyone traveling to the Beijing Olympics is required to document their health for authorities. But the “My 2022″ smartphone app has vulnerabilities that could lead to hacking, a security report obtained by DW (Deutsche Welle) has found. Here is DW report

Athletes headed to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games are making [...]

John Metzler —- Global Economic Growth Faces Pandemic and Inflationary Undertows

By John J. Metzler - The global economy is hardly out of the woods yet.  The resurgent Corona virus pandemic, coupled with labor shortages and an inflationary surge not seen in a generation, have served as an undertow to wider and sustainable economic growth.
“The world is now two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the end is nowhere in [...]

Will UN Ever be the Same After Pandemic & When

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS – The 22-month-old coronavirus pandemic – which has claimed over 5.4 million lives worldwide, devastated economies and reduced an additional 100 million people to poverty—has also disrupted the work of a partially locked-down United Nations triggering a potential cash crisis in the world body.

Addressing the UN’s Administrative and Budgetary [...]

Nuclear Powers No Wars

By Thalif Deen - NEW YORK (IDN) — When the world’s five major nuclear powers—the US, UK, China, France and Russia—pledged to prevent nuclear wars and abandon the pursuit of more weapons, their joint statement released January 3 explicitly left out several of the demands from anti-nuclear activists, including an end to the upgrading and enhancing [...]

Global Confusion

By John J. Metzler - As the New Year brings hope and possibility for a global reset and renewal, the tragic reality  remains that the Covid-19 virus with all its deadly variants, continues to plague the planet now  fully two years after the malady emerged from Wuhan, China.  Thus, despite much justified    optimism over wider vaccinations, the pandemic has not [...]

Pandemic Is Pushing New 100 Million to Poverty

By Thalif Deen / UNITED NATIONS – The UN’s highly-ambitious goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030 has been severely undermined by a rash of problems worldwide, including an escalating coronavirus pandemic, continued widespread military conflicts and the devastating impact of climate change.
According to published estimates, more than 700 million people have been living in [...]

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