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Bach – This Crisis is a Chance to Save Our Planet

Nenad Bach, recording artist from New York (Photo by Darko Skender)

Nenad Bach (Photo by Ratko Mavar)

Nenad Bach, recording artist from New York (Photo by Darko Skender)

Nenad Bach, recording artist from New York (Photo by Darko Skender)

WebPublicaPress (New York) – With a lion heart of Rock and Roll, American singer, songwriter and composer Nenad Bach has a history of international activism for World’s Peace. For the past forty years Bach performed on many stages calling for peace and better understanding among the people. His song “Can We Go Higher?” written as a call for peace during the war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and performed at Woodstock ’94 in the United States is a symbol of his life and artistic philosophy, but more than that – it is appeal to the humanity and world leaders to ajust, respect and safe our Planet. Bach performed this song at big concert of “Pavarotti & Friends” in Modena, Italy in 1995; the same song that was featured on album “Pavarotti & Friends for the Children of Bosnia” (1996). In this viral corona times Bach is certainly not the only one who thinks the crisis is the chance to improve our common humanity. Probably the last chance.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia (1954), Bach graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Rijeka where he formed his band “Vrijeme i Zemlja” (Time and Earth) – the name that from the very beginning suggested his commitment to the cause. Since he moved to New York in 1984, and recorded his first US album, “Greatest Hits” in 1987 he collaborated on a compilation album with Bruce SpringsteenLeonard CohenAllen Ginsberg. Bach also performed with a wide range of artists, including Bono & The Edge (U2), Brian EnoGarth Hudson & Rick Danko (The Band), Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead), John MalkovichEllen BurstynMartin Sheen and Michael York - sharing similar or same artistic commitment. And he never gave up.

When Bach was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and stopped playing the guitar and piano he took up table tennis for improving not only his condition but the ability of others to be active and even play instruments again, as he did. He is the founder and president of Ping Pong Parkinson (501c3), established in 2017 with the goal to promote of the inaugural ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships, which was held in October 2019 in New York.  Now he has the greatest idea of his life – to assemble famous artists, friends and public figures and push for the World Peace. With the little help of the United Nations and the Secretary General Antonio Guterres. WebPublicaPress talked with this recording artist and performer


Unique opportunity of our time


Can you please elaborate a bit more and tell us what exactly you like to initiate and with whom you would like to work in order to achieve your goal – looks like Quintessential World Peace at this very moment. And, why now?

This is a historic moment in time and if we as a species don’t seize it maybe we do not deserve to survive. Peace is a prerequisite for everything. This pandemic should open our eyes to the fact that World War One ended because of the Spanish flu pandemic, so why not use the same analogy to end all the wars – now.

For this project I do not count exclusively on intellectuals or artists or politicians or peace activists.

Nenad Bach (Photo by Ratko Mavar)

Nenad Bach (Photo by Ratko Mavar)

We are all in it from truck drivers to nurses to presidents of the companies and countries. Whoever understands the plan and the steps needed to be taken is welcome. I just want to communicate the idea to whomever this resonates with, whether that is the Pope, Paul McCartney, Bono or the hot dog vendor on the corner of First and Houston.

I would suggest that everyone reads the manifesto “World Peace in One Hour” as published in the Journal of Global Health or on the original site. It is a 5-minute read that explains the roadmap to permanent world peace. The first question in the manifesto “World Peace in One Hour” is: Why do wars happen? There is one major reason why and if you know the answer then we can move forward.

Would plan to organize a sort of big world concert and how do you think you can overcome some logistical challenges in this corona-era?

Yes, the idea was to trigger the whole project world-wide to put together an orchestra with all the instruments of the world. The situation with COVID – 19 changed things but humans have one major virtue and that is adaptability. That is why we survived so far. We can adapt to the new situation via an Internet orchestra with all the instruments of the world. This will be logistically even easier than previously planned.


Impossible things are possible with time 


To use your words – one would like to know, is your initiative just for a one a song or even wishful thinking? Are these just words or is it prophecy? Is humanity capable of achieving sustainable, everlasting peace?

The future will tell, but if you ask me, yes, it is not just possible but inevitable. Many things looked unreal only a century ago, like talking on cell phones while flying in an airplane. Now everyone does it. Yesterday’s unreal is today’s reality. Or what I love to say, impossible things are possible with time.

Do you think the biggest world powers starting with US, China, Russia … will accept or rather abandon their arms arsenal to achieve this goal? What is the motivation for them to do so?

We are not asking them to abandon their arms arsenal, but to redirect 50% of all new production into rebuilding infrastructures of these countries. Nobody from the military complex will lose their job, on the contrary there can be more jobs because The Peace brings unseen benefits as well. To make it more understandable, world power structures stay the same. What is their benefit? They stay in power and the citizens of their countries live better and happier lives. And we as a generation unlock the true human potential.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres  (Photo by Erol Avdović Webpublicapress).

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (Photo by Erol Avdović Webpublicapress).

What is your opinion, why then the UN Secretary General’s initiative to achieve full cease-fire (while situation Libya, Yemen, Syria remains fragile) did not fly in full and hasn’t been accepted without hesitation?

Unfortunately, the media did not pay sufficient attention to Secretary General Mr. Guterres. Media is oriented towards sensationalism, bombastic headlines etc. It is not easy to get world attention. But having said that, NOW is the moment to do that. Art and artists could help and I am committed to helping the Secretary General spread the message.


Becoming the UN’s Peace Messenger


What kind of support of the UN Secretary-General would be ideal and do you have precise proposals developed?

I would like to have an endorsement of the project World Peace in One Hour, something like Peace Messenger or whatever the form is, so that I can gather and coordinate likeminded people who are willing to put this dream into action. The people of the World can talk to each other, we now communicate better than ever. Let’s use it for the noble cause of World Peace and unleash the true human potential NOW! This is a small window of opportunity that we must not waste.

So, is this global crisis with pandemic indeed a chance to change or reform our world or will turn to something else – more control, more dystopian state actors or so?

We are at the crossroads, actually, we are always at some crossroad. Yes, it can go both ways, but this is a historic moment for a major quantum leap. Imagine Peace on Earth and all the benefits that would bring to not just humanity, but the whole planet, when we unleash the true human potential. Planet Earth is pure magic. Just look at the oceans, forests, giraffes…


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