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The End of One European Era — Angela Merkel

Christoph Strack – DW ‘Deutsche Welle) - Germans go to the polls this Sunday to elect a new Bundestag parliament, which will then determine who replaces Chancellor Angela Merkel. But who can vote? And who can be elected? Here are the main facts

Germans will go to the polls on Sunday to elect a new parliament

For 16 years, [...]

US-UK Submarine Deal Triggers Nuclear Fears

By Thalif Deen - NEW YORK (IDN) — A tripartite deal, under which the US and UK have joined hands, to provide a nuclear-powered submarine to Australia (AUKUS) has prompted anti-nuclear activists to express fears it may eventually lead to a new nuclear power in the region.
The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the three [...]

Thalif Deen – UN Jolted by Single Corona Virus Infection at a Meeting of World Leaders

By Thalif Deen - NEW YORK (IDN) — Amid fears of the current General Assembly sessions in danger of being a “super spreader” of the Delta virus—among hundreds of delegates attending a two-week long meeting through end September—the United Nations has alerted its staff about an unnamed delegate testing positive.
“We were informed that in yesterday’s plenary [...]

General Assembly Reflects World’s Ideal of Hope

By Ted Anthony - NEW YORK (AP) — When the United Nations rose from World War II’s rubble, its birth reflected a widespread aspiration that humanity could be lifted up and dispatched down a positive path — if only there was a coherent, informed, unified effort of good faith among countries and their leaders. That would [...]

Veteran Journalist Thalif Deen New IDN Advisor

By Ramesh Jaura - BERLIN (IDN) — Veteran journalist Thalif Deen has been appointed IDN-InDepthNews Advisor on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Arms Control Issues & Senior Writer at the United Nations. IDN is the flagship of the Non-profit global media agency International Press Syndicate. He has been covering the United Nations since the late 1970s.
Beginning with the Earth Summit [...]

UN Session, With Over 110 World Leaders, May be a “Super Spreader” of Covid-19, Warns US

By Thalif Deen - NEW YORK (IDN) — The United Nations, perhaps never in its 76-year history, has held a General Assembly session characterized by risks that could trigger the spread of a deadly disease in a city where Covid-19 Delta variant infections are on the rise.
In a letter to the 192 UN missions, the United [...]

Assembly Meets Amid Continuing COVID Crisis


By John J. Metzler - Presidents, Prime Ministers, Potentates and Kings will converge in New York for the 76th session of the UN General assembly.  The annual meeting and debate among the UN’s 193 member states is nonetheless still shadowed by the clouds of the COVID pandemic as well as the deteriorating global security situation marked by conflicts and refugee [...]

UN Pandemic Restrictions Diplomats Vine and Dine

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS – When hundreds of delegates and diplomats arrive in New York city next week for the new 76th session of the UN General Assembly, they will be pinned down with pandemic restrictions in a city where Delta variant infections have been skyrocketing.
Under strict mandatory restrictions that came into force [...]

We Stay And Deliver

By Yasmine Sherif – Kabul 1990. I land in the capital of Afghanistan for my very first mission with the United Nations. Controlled by the government, Kabul was surrounded by the Mujahedeen. As a young female professional, living and working across the country, I felt protected by the Afghans, whether walking in the bustling cities [...]

Guterres For United World

By Robert Muggah, a principal at the SecDev Group and co-founder of the Igarapé Institute, and  Giovanna Kuele, a researcher at the Igarapé Institute. The world is at a historical inflection point. It faces cascading, interconnected threats that could undermine global stability—including a relentless pandemic, runaway climate change, deepening inequalities and economic insecurity, massive digital vulnerabilities, and the [...]

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