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Power of Ethics Should be Used for Better World

By Joel H. Rosenthal (New York) – Against the bleak backdrop of war in Ukraine, climate emergency, food and energy shortages, and multiple refugee crises—true north on anyone’s moral compass is especially hard to find.

In 2022, the power of ethics as a force for good is needed more than ever. Combined with these ongoing struggles, we [...]

Never-Ending Flow of Arms to Ukraine Goes on

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS – The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has resulted in a never-ending flow of arms to the battle-scarred country— elevating the besieged nation to the ranks of one of the major recipients of US weapons and American security assistance.
As of last week, the US has provided a [...]

Russia failed on the battlefield and also at the UN

WebPublicaPress (United Nations / New York) -All together 143 UN Member-States voted to condemn Russia’s illegal referenda and attempts to annex parts of Ukraine. Only four countries voted with Russia: Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Nicaragua. It was the highest number of votes against Russia since start of their illegal invasion on Ukraine on February 24 this year..
United Kingdom ambassador [...]

World has Changed — Outer Space Treaty Didn’t

By Zulfikar Abbany (DW) – Back in the 60s, the Outer Space Treaty provided us with an assurance of peace and security in the Cold War space race. So much has changed since then — so, why hasn’t the Treaty?

Each time the USA planted a flag on the moon, it stuck a stake in the [...]

Novinari rade svoj posao

Piše Erol Avdović – Ispravno je onomad Udruga BH novinari osudila političke pritiske predsjednika Naroda i pravda Elmedina Konakovića na novinare i urednike portala http://Klix.ba i http://Istraga.ba i uputila zahtijev da Konaković prestane s prozivkama novinara. Ne ide to tako gospodo političari!

MI SAMO RADIMO SVOJ POSAO – U dva mandata, 1999. i 2000. godine bio [...]

UN single out 42 countries for human rights abuses — against activists and journalists

- The United Nations has singled out 42 countries (out of 193 member states) for condemnation– virtually blacklisting them– for retaliating against human rights activists and journalists
If you cooperate with the United Nations and complain about human rights abuses in your home country, chances are you will find yourself either [...]

Iran Rocked by Protests – World Watches Politely

By John J. Metzler - Massive and spreading protests have rocked Iran in the wake of widening
social discontent following the death of a woman Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody.  Her crime?  Not wearing the obligatory headscarf properly. Demonstrations across the country have jolted the Islamic Republic to its core as thousands of women publicly and provocatively remove [...]

Ponižavanje Bosne Traje Još

PONIŽENJE BOSANSKIH LJUDI SE NASTAVLJA – Ljudi, građani, narod u Bosni željni su da bosanski intelektualci govore, ali ne samo protiv političara, u svakodnevnom, najčešće primitivnom obraćunu. Intelektualci su pozvani da govore prosvjetljenu istinu i pišu beskompromisno razborite i istinite knjige. Trebaju pisati i govoriti – kuda i kako naprijed, a ne da lamentiraju podobno [...]

Doubts Whether Putin Can Defeat Ukraine and Maintain Power in Moscow — Very Difficult

Viewpoint by John Feffer (Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF), a project of the Institute for Policy Studies, has published this article on September 28, 2022.)
WASHINGTON, D.C. (IDN) — When a country starts casting around for 60-year-old veterans to send to the front, you know something’s wrong. All hands don’t go on deck unless the ship is foundering. [...]

Will Italian PM To Be Melloni be Far-Right Indeed

WebPublicaPress – New York/Rome - Italy handed a clear victory to a right-wing coalition led by a party with historic links to fascism. What is soon-to-be Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s appeal, and why have Italians reverted to what appears to be a politics of the past?
In a conversation with FP’s (Foreign Policy Magazine) Cameron Abadi for [...]

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