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Journalist Targets Still

Erol Avdović (WPP New York photo 2020)

Erol Avdović (WPP New York photo 2020)

By Erol Avdovic (New York) - Recently the Associated Press asked the US Department of Homeland Security for answers on whether the administration in Washington uses sensitive government databases to track international terrorists in order to monitor and investigate as many as 20 American journalists, including a well-known AP journalist. It is important to know that.

PUILTZER AWARD WINNER UNDER SURVEILLANCE – In a letter to Homeland Security (DPS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, AP Executive Editor Julie Pace called on the agency to explain why Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Martha Mendoza was dragged through the bases data and identified as a potential trusted informant during the Trump administration. This is detailed in the report of the Chief Inspector of State Security.

ROUTINE SPIRITING – “This is a flagrant example of a federal agency using its power to investigate journalist contacts,” Pace wrote. “While the actions detailed in the inspector general’s report took place under the previous (Trump) administration, the practices were described as routine.”

The DHS investigation into U.S. journalists as well as congressional staff and possibly members of Congress, as reported by Yahoo News and the AP, is the latest apparent example of abuse by this security agency created after 9/11. The agency has apparently used its enormous potential to target U.S. citizens, the AP reported (see original article here)

MY COMMENT – All in all sad. And, does that mean how it has become a common routine to “spy on journalists” ?! It is a question that remains unanswered for now. Let everyone do their job, but it is not a pleasant knowledge, it is a bit paranoid – to be spied on while you are performing your professional duty of informing the public. To follow you while publicly expressing your views, especially if you are a commentator (opinion maker journalist) and to have “long leather coats” spy on even your shadow.

LET’S GO FURTHER WITHOUT A MEDAL – Let’s move on, let me joke – without benefited work experience, although this statement is true. When I think – at least a few bh. journalists at the head of major media houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Sarajevo is certainly very good and has been for a long time. And it is good that it is so. There is indeed freedom of speech in Bosnia and it is fortunate that it is so. But we need more professional empathy and solidarity, for those who are fighting for their journalistic bread with seven crusts without the big and constant spotlight. No exaggeration. Instructive text indeed, because America is a role model in many ways. And we had a summit of democracy recently as well. Washington like to give example to others.

Journalist facing uncertain times in Russia (Courtesy photo - RSF)

Journalist facing uncertain times in Russia (Courtesy photo – RSF)

POST SCRIPTUM REFLECTION ON WESTERN BALKANS: Some colleagues in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosnian environment simply overpaid for professional awards and then forgot – a bit. They came out of freelance shoes a long time ago – from journalism, which in my opinion is the best and fairest, because it doesn’t become bureaucratic. And the latter, at some point – slips imperceptibly into flattering bosses and other political services. Solidarity among journalists is urgently needed. So let’s not forget the law – “mining” journalism.

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