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WebPublicaPress Pause – Reflect & Reorganize

Make pause and reflect (Courtesy photo for education only)

Erol Avdović (Author's photo, Webpublicapress New York, March 2020)

Dark clouds over Manhattan in NYC (Photo by dr. Hajat Avdovic)

Dark clouds over Manhattan in NYC (Photo by dr. Hajat Avdovic)

WebPublicaPress (New York) - It is due to global pandemic and special circumstances here in New York which became epicenter of the US outbreak of the coronavirus/Covid-19, that our web-magazine WebPublicaPress (WPP) will stop publishing for – hopefully short period of time. We plan to return in a short while – in fact in a as short as possible time. Also hope that we will be back in another even better release.

Like use this period to reflect on our work – approach and analyze possibilities to refocus the topics of our global and local news/analysis coverage. For a while we were considering to put more emphasize on UN issues and world affairs with even more original approach. Hopefully – the time is now. It is our intention to try to contribute more in social justice dialogue, certainly without taking sides or labeling on left and right, populist, elitist or other trends and approaches. And what is happening around us is a compelling reason for such thinking


For education and enlightening

As the spread of  coronavirus has shown – the Covid 19 does not need a passport, it does not recognize state borders, rich or poor, celebrities or all others, and it doesn’t care about political, religious, national, or any other affiliation. Yet, the virus clearly uses the weaknesses of a collapsed health system(s) driven more by profit than by the need and imperative to help people, instead of using them to achieve business goals.

In that light our news coverage goal remains to inform and offer elements for education in written and photo work – not to make monetary profit out of this.

As we can witness – the speed of Covid-19 suddenly became a global problem and the mankind is in the same boat. It has unexpectedly caused enormous damage in human lives, the economy, interrupted educational processes – slowed down sports, culture and the arts, and began remodeling our world without our will, and currently without our ability to stop it immediately. Even more, the most affected are highly developed industrial countries such as Italy, US and UK and other European states – and countries in transition as we usually say for Balkan countries per se and the Third World as well. Not to mention China where all this has originated at the end of 2019.

So this should no longer business as usual approach. The world as we know is not any more around us and the new  rather spiritual common humanity approach is needed.

Let’s search for that approach with more clear view, language and less political ambiguities. Without losing hope that science will find a solution rather sooner than latter, we must speak honestly about everything, including our weaknesses – without hiding behind old patterns and floss covering in sugarcoated and blame game packaging. Since we need to find a solution for everybody not just for the privileged. Otherwise the virus will turn one circle and knock on our door again.

Thank you

At this point we like to thank our distinguished writers who were contributing as a pro-bono authors for a while. This is with hope that we will continue our journey rather soon. Their courageous, often opinionated world-views made it possible for us to grasp our role in the enlightened exchange of ideas and written words. Those sensible range of solutions need to continuously stay in focus and professionally reported. We will strive for this professionalism – accuracy, verifiability and accountability to the public even more in the near future.

Erol Avdović (Author's photo, Webpublicapress New York, March 2020)

Erol Avdović (Author’s photo, Webpublicapress
New York, March 2020)

Indeed – this is the time that can not afford a business as usual, or any known intellectual orpolitical inertia. Not any more. Let’s inspire and try to create a better and fairer world for all the people – now more than ever before jeopardized from climate change, various diseases, and the historical human greed that has endangered our planet to the edge.

In the meantime – for our readers we may publish only inspirational philosophical quotes, pictures and photos. Wish you all safe and healthy pause and please follow the scientific protocol including #StayHome appeal and instructions by your local or federal authorities to protect yourself, your families and all others.

Erol Avdovic,

Managing Editor (WPP – 27 March 2020)

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