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Join German-French Presidency of UNSC Ends

Ambassadors of Germany Christoph Heusgen (left) and France François Delattre (right) at UN on 30 April. 2019 photo by Erol Avdovic (Webpublicapress)

Ambassadors of Germany Christoph Heusgen (left) and France François Delattre (right) at UN on 30 April. 2019 photo by Erol Avdovic (Webpublicapress)

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) NEW YORK – Join German-French presidency over UN Security Council ended last day of April 2019, with two ambassadors Christoph Heusgen of Germany and François Delattre of France wrapping up their two months mutual work for March and April and praising each other in front of the UN reporters. But, it was a bit complicated from talking with the Facebook vocabulary when it comes for the relationship. Yet, in front of the UN Security Council, two top diplomats said everything went smoothly.D

It was an experiment that took extra bureaucratic efforts to coordinate two capitals instructions and make it sound like a one voice policy on all global hot spot areas at the UN Security Council which is for a long time less than united on Syria, Yemen, Africa, and Latin America. Considering China and Russia opposing West on those issues German and French ambassadors made that extra step which could be seen as revolutionary.

During the joint presidency of the UN Security Council in April, Berlin in particularly highlighted conflict prevention, protection of humanitarian workers, arms control and protection of women in conflicts. And Paris followed as well.

Earlier on March 1st. ambassadors Christoph Heusgen and François Delattre at a mutual press conference at the UN Headquarters in New York showed huge optimism while announcing joint presidency of two states of the UN Security Council, with Berling taking over in April.

And German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who was in New York at the beginning of April said Berlin had planned on putting its own issues on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council during its month-long presidency. At the end of the presidency, ambassador Heusgen said everything was fulfilled what was planned.

Ambassador Delattre of France seemed satisfied as well.

The mutual work certainly reflects the historic new Franco-German treaty earlier this year with the mutual vision for Europe and new winds of globalism out of Berlin and Paris. The United Nation arena was a good opportunity to manifest some of that.

Then, good job. Well done. Thumbs up.

E. Avdović (Webpublica NY)



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