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Corona Spread All Over US – New York Worst

Empty trains in New York City (16 March 2020 photo by Nalan Avdovic Webpublicapress)

Dark clouds over Manhattan in NYC (Photo by dr. Hajat Avdovic)

WebPublicaPress (New York) — West Virginia is the latest US state to confirm a case of the novel coronavirus, meaning the virus is now in all 50 states. Australia declared a “biosecurity emergency” and told its citizens not to travel abroad news agencies (DW) reported.

Dark clouds over Manhattan in NYC (Photo by dr. Hajat Avdovic)

Dark clouds over Manhattan in NYC (Photo by dr. Hajat Avdovic)

The virus has been confirmed in all 50 US states as voters cast ballots in the Democratic presidential primaries

  • Australia declared a ‘biosecurity’ emergency and told its citizens ‘do not travel abroad, do not go overseas’
  • The US Federal Reserve announced a new financial mechanism to ensure credit availability to homes and businesses
  • EU leaders plan to implement a 30-day travel ban on those traveling from outside the bloc

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Updates in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC/GMT)

00:40 US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is said to have warned Republican senators that failure to act on a proposed coronavirus rescue package could lead to US unemployment as high as 20% and lasting economic damage, reported Reuters news agency.

00:30 Canada is the latest country announcing a new financial support package to help counter an economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canadian government is preparing around Can$25 billion ($18 billion, €16 billion) to help businesses and households.

00:20 Brazil’s government statistics agency IBGE is putting its 2020 census on hold for a year until 2021 in order to protect the health of census-takers and the households that they visit.

00:10 Here’s a summary of the latest global figures:

  • 197,168 confirmed cases globally
  • 7,905 global deaths
  • 80,840 recovered
  • All 50 US states have confirmed cases of the virus. There are 6,421 confirmed cases in the US.

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