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Soldiers of Venus at the UN

By Erol Avdović (WEBPUBLICA / UNITED NATIONS) New York – Not only was the exhibition of an old and antic arts hosted by the Mission of Italy at the UN Headquarters an extraordinary by the works shown, but it was an event that contained an unambiguous message that came at the right time. As world [...]

UN: Highest Geopolitical Tensions This Century

(WEBPUBLICA) NEW YORK – UNITED NATIONS – While not mentioning in particular the most recent escalation in Persian Gulf, the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Monday he has been following the recent rise in global tensions with great concern. He aded he is “in constant contact with leading officials around the world.” He didn’t [...]

UN: Do Not Set New Flames

By Erol Avdović (Webpublica – UNITED NATIONS – New York) – To its credit the UN always respond rhetorically on time, but those words mean less to the action, no matter how cleverly designed. So, once again UN say – it is dangerous to play with the fire, especially in the Persian Gulf where the flames [...]

UN Financial Crisis – Every Year The Same Drama

By Erol Avdović (Webpublica – UNITED NATIONS – New York) — How to take something as a serious warning if it happens in almost the same scenario year after year. Such is the case with the United Nations: Drama is constantly present, but for real, not without reason. As of first working day of the [...]

Čemu Guernika u UN-u

Piše: Erol Avdović (Webpublica / United Nations / New York) — Na drugom spratu Ujedinjenih naroda u New Yorku, ispred ulaza u Vijeće sigurnosti veliki je potporni zid koga diplomate koriste kao barjeru za skriveni bijeg od nas novinara. Tu, odmah iza mikrofona gdje se pred TV kamerama obraćaju generalni tajnik Ujedinjenih naroda i predsjedavajući [...]

Crisis-Stricken Oceans: UN

By Thalif Deen - UNITED NATIONS – The greatest single climate-induced threat facing the world’s 44 small island developing states (SIDS) is rising sea waters which could obliterate some of the low-lying states, including Maldives, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Palau and Micronesia.
The Marshall Islands alone, says the UN, has seen more than a [...]

45 UN members — but not South Korea — back harsh resolution on North Korean rights, missiles

By John J. Metzler - UNITED NATIONS — Though out of the limelight for nearly a year, North Korea’s quiet and covert push for intercontinental ballistic missile capability along with the communist regime’s continuing political crackdown on its own population has not abated.
While tough American diplomacy has pressured Kim Jong-Un’s regime from firing long-range missiles and testing its [...]

With the UN Security Council in Paralysis Are there New Hopes for Rohingya Muslims

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS – The 15-member UN Security Council (UNSC) stands virtually paralyzed in the face of genocide charges against the government of Myanmar where over 730,000 to one million Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh since a 2016 crackdown by Myanmar’s military.
A team of U.N. investigators has [...]

Can Artificial Tech Help Resolve Food Crisis

By Thalif Deen | UNITED NATIONS  - When UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a global appeal for “zero hunger” on World Food Day last month, he provided some grim statistics rich in irony: more than 820 million people do not have enough to eat, he said, while two billion people are overweight or obese.“It is unacceptable that [...]

How to break the silence about victims of sexual violence from the wars in former Yugoslavia: What the United Nations can do?

By Erol Avdovic – (story in Bosnian on – here) – In April this year, at the proposal and significant push by the German government, the United Nations (UN) Security Council passed the resolution (No. 2467) on sanctioning sexual violence in conflict zones.
On behalf of Germany, which is currently a non-permanent member of the Security [...]

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