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Kashmir Most Dangerous

By David Ehl (DW) – The dispute over Kashmir has poisoned relations between India and Pakistan since the two became independent countries in 1947. Here’s an overview of how tensions have grown more dangerous over the past seven decades.


Like so many conflicts around the world, the dispute over Kashmir began with independence from a colonial power. In [...]

“Emergency” Arms Sales

By Thalif Deen - UNITED NATIONS  - When the UN Security Council met last week to discuss the deaths and devastation caused to civilians in ongoing military conflicts and civil wars, the killings in Yemen and the air attacks on hospitals, schools, mosques, and market places—whether deliberate or otherwise– were singled out as the worst ever.
But [...]

Trump’s Veto on Yemen

(Webpublicapress) Washington D.C. – US President Donald Trump rejected a bill from Congress to end assistance to Saudi Arabia for the Yemen war. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the veto would serve to ”perpetuate America’s shameful involvement” in the crisis, DW (Deutsche Welle) reported quoting other news agencies.

President Trump issued a veto on 16. April to [...]

Algerian Critical Transition

By John J. Metzler - UNITED NATIONS — For nearly two months, large popular demonstrations have rocked Algeria protesting the candidacy of incumbent President Abdelaziz Bouteflika who planned to run for a fifth five-year term in national elections. The protests evoked the so-called Arab Spring in which demonstrations and later armed revolts reverberated from Tunisia to Syria to [...]

All Faiths Anti-Racist Vigil

(WEBPUBLICA) NEW YORK - A Christchurch vigil to shun racism and grieve for 50 Muslims killed last week in local mosques drew 15,000 people. One of the victims who was injured in the shooting said the vigil showed “that we are all one,” DW (Deutsche Welle) reported.

New Zealanders continued their homage Sunday to victims of the [...]

Historic Pope’s Visit

By Christoph Strack (DW) — Pope Francis is the first time the pope has ever visited the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam. Francis’ trip to the United Arab Emirates has given new hope to interfaith dialogue, says DW’s Christoph Strack.

A trip like this is almost provocative in an era of flourishing populism, building walls, [...]

Crisis – Qatar Quits OPEC

By Nisan Ahmado (VOA News) - WASHINGTON — Qatar’s official withdrawal from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) this week has renewed debate over the rift with its neighbor Saudi Arabia, with some observers saying the move could further complicate the relationship between the two Gulf countries.
The departure, which was announced earlier in December, took [...]

World’s Bumpy 2019 Road

By John J. Metzler - New York — It’s that time of the year again to consult the crystal snow globe and look ahead at what global political crises we may face in the upcoming year. After a tumultuous 2018, it would be nice to have a respite from the political jolts, lurches, and surprises of the [...]

85.000 Children Died

WEBPUBLICA UNITED NATIONS  (New York)– Hunger and disease have killed 85,000 infant children caught in Yemen’s war since 2015, according to Save the Children organization. Its estimate coincides with a UN envoy’s visit to Sanaa ahead of talks due in Sweden next month, DW reported quoting other news agencies.

Save the Children said its figures were [...]

Saudi Affair in Istanbul

(Webpublicapress) NEW YORK – The US media has reported that Turkish authorities have recordings proving Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in early October. Turkey has accused Saudi Arabia of having a gang of men kill the journalist and remove his body, various news media sources reported according to DW (Deutsche Welle). 

The Turkish government has audio and [...]

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