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Decade of Despair

By John J. Metzler - A decade ago, winds of change and calamity blew across the Middle East.  From Tunisia to  Egypt, Syria, and later Libya, entrenched autocracies were challenged politically by what became known as the Arab Spring, a series of popular and quasi-democratic uprisings which shook the status quo and smashed the old order.
Sadly the Arab Spring soon [...]

Will Lebanon Recover

By Samira Sadeque - UNITED NATIONS – Lebanon must “shield and preserve” the skills, knowledge, and experience of its people in order to move forward with its development, according to Christophe Abi-Nassif, the Lebanon programme director for the Middle East Institute (MEI).
“Shielding and preserving whatever is left of Lebanon’s human capital should be the main policy-making concern at [...]

Remember Arab Spring

By John J. Metzler - There’s a special kind of Hell which befalls refugees and displaced persons during a harsh     winter.  And now as that season approaches, Syria stands at the brink after a decade of conflict and calamity and with no genuine end in sight.  Regional cease fires and optimism over intermittent negotiations are but milestones on a [...]

Israel Wins UN Legal Body

WEBPUBLICAPRESS (New York – October 6, 2020) Following a diplomatic effort led by Israel’s Ambassador Gilad Erdan and the Israeli Mission to the UN, as they announced I their written press statement – the Legal Advisor Sarah Weiss Maudi was appointed to serve as the  UN Israel. Weiss Maudi will represent the Western Europe and Others [...]

Erdogan – Putin Deal

(WebPublicaPress) – New York/Moscow – During talks, Putin offered his condolences to Erdogan after 34 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack. He implied that the attack could also have been avoided had Ankara identified the location of its troops, DW (Deutsche Welle) reported quoting other news agencies.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep [...]

Turkish – Russian Pact ?

By Tom Allinson and Imane Mellouk (DW) - A Russia-backed government offensive in Syria’s Idlib has brought Turkish forces into direct confrontation with President Bashar Assad’s troops. That threatens to unravel a fragile agreement between Turkey and Russia.

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters gather for an offensive against rebel bastions near Idlib.

De-escalation talks between representatives of Russia and Turkey [...]

New Hope or Old Illusion

WEBPUBLICAPRESS – New York (Updated / Washington WPP) - President Donald J. Trump unveiled his plan for peace in the Middle East on Tuesday afternoon at the White House. His plan was already called by some the “Plan of the Century.”
“I was not elected to do small things or set big things on,” At the presentation [...]

Popular Mobil. Forces

By David L. Phillips - In the wake of the U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the United States faces the issue of what to do with the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) of Iraq. The PMF are a veritable deep state in Iraq destabilizing the country and threatening US forces.
The PMF includes dozens [...]

Saudis Hacked Bezos

By Diana Hodali (DW) – Amazon boss and WaPo owner Jeff Bezos’ phone was reportedly hacked by the Saudi crown prince’s regime. The UN wants an investigation; the allegations touch the highest echelons of US power and echo internationally.

In April 2018, Hollywood producer Brian Grazer invited a number of high-profile guests to his villa in [...]

An Oman Solution

By Manish Rai - MUSCAT, Oman (IDN) – It’s widely believed that there are two main branches of Islam i.e. Sunni and Shia, which differ in their understanding of early Islamic history and hence they have different ideas about how Islam’s leadership should have been organised in subsequent eras. But there is a third, lesser-known body [...]

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