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‘Show no mercy’ – Beijing’s repression of Uighurs

By Naomi Conrad (DW) – A newly leaked document confirms how China is imprisoning Muslim minority Uighurs based solely on their religion and culture. DW spoke with relatives of Uighurs who have disappeared into Xinjiang’s “re-education camps.”

It was easy to overlook the narrow, nondescript staircase leading to a brightly-lit basement mosque in Istanbul’s busy Sultan [...]

How to Make the Democratic Socialism Relatable

Viewpoint by Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir - MARRAKECH (IDN) – The phrase “Democratic Socialism” continues to find its way into current national and political discourse of the United States. Vermont Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders embraces the term, while his opponents, both from within his own party as well as on the Republican aisle, are using [...]

Analysis by Thalif Deen — A Multi-Billion Dollar US Mideast Arms Market May be in Jeopardy

By Thalif Deen -UNITED NATIONS  - When President Saddam Hussein ran one of the world’s most authoritarian regimes in the militarily-volatile Middle East during 1979-2003, US newspapers routinely described him as “the strongman of Iraq” — as most journalists rightly view dictators worldwide.
But one of his political aides, described as “Saddam’s right-hand man” (what if [...]

David L.Philips – Remove Sudan From Terror List

By David L. Phillips - Khartoum – Sudanese deserve to be rewarded for overthrowing the dictator Omar al-Bashir. Without a peace dividend, the economy will remain stagnant and shadowy forces from the old regime may foment violence in a bid to restore their power and privileges. The Trump administration should lift sanctions and remove Sudan from [...]

Coronavirus — Factories Remain Close in China

By Ashutosh Pandey (DW) - The German carmaker, which was expected to resume production on Monday, has cited supply-chain and logistical issues. The virus threatens to halve February car sales in China, the largest market for VW, BMW and Daimler.

Volkswagen has postponed the start of production by a week at all the Chinese plants that it [...]

John J. Metzler: Sympathy for 100,000 ISIS detainees – How about their victims

By John J. Metzler - UNITED NATIONS — The so-called Islamic State, the Caliphate which at its height controlled large parts of Syria and Iraq has been destroyed by focused and lethal military strikes by the United States and its allies. Yet in effect, the shattered group has now splintered and spread to key regions throughout the Middle East, Africa, [...]

European Countries Want its Own Mid-East Plan

By Davis VanOpdorp (Deutsche Welle) – Criticizing the US Middle East peace plan, the EU’s foreign policy chief said the bloc needs a strategy to end unrest between Israelis and Palestinians. He said he hopes both sides could accept the EU as a mediator.


In light of US President Donald Trump unveiling of his Middle East peace plan in January, the [...]

Pope Francis Is Looking For Different Church

By Christoph Strack (DW) - The pope is striving for a different kind of Catholic Church — one that commits to ecology and the poor. But he is reluctant to institute the reforms hoped for in Europe and North America.

“Querida Amazonia” (Beloved Amazon), the Catholic Church’s Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on the Amazon region, which Pope Francis issued Tuesday, is [...]

Turkish – Russian Pact ?

By Tom Allinson and Imane Mellouk (DW) - A Russia-backed government offensive in Syria’s Idlib has brought Turkish forces into direct confrontation with President Bashar Assad’s troops. That threatens to unravel a fragile agreement between Turkey and Russia.

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters gather for an offensive against rebel bastions near Idlib.

De-escalation talks between representatives of Russia and Turkey [...]

UN on Climate Change

Viewpoint by Mary Church* - EDINBURGH (IDN) – The outcomes of the longest ever meeting in the history of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – the COP25 negotiations in Madrid – have failed to reflect the urgency of the crisis or any grasp of the real solutions to the climate emergency.
Rather, governments around the world [...]

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