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EU Turns 60 – What is Next for Eastern Europe

By David marlin (RDW) – Central and eastern EU member states are wary that a so-called “multi-speed” Europe will relegate them to the bloc’s second tier. However, a more flexible Europe may just be the boost they’ve always needed.

Saturday’s summit commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties was always going to be more than just a [...]

Trump’s Debacle in Congress – Obamacare Stay

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – President Donald Trump asked Republican Party leaders to withdraw a controversial health care bill shortly before it was due to be voted on Friday because it became clear there were not enough votes to pass the measure, VOA News reported.
Trump said “we were very, very close” to passing the ruling party’s [...]

German President Urges Erdogan to Respect Law

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been sworn in as German president. The popular Social Democrat and former foreign minister used his maiden speech to urge Turkey’s President Erdogan to ease tensions between their countries, Radio Deutsche Welle (RDW) reported.
Germany’s new president urges Erdogan to respect rule of law

Frank-Walter Steinmeier became the president of Germany [...]

Responding to US Budget Cuts for United Nations

By Kul Chandra Gautam | KATHMANDU, Nepal – It is in UN’s long-term interest to gradually reduce its dependence on US funding and undue influence, as proposed by former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme

Kul Chandra Gautam
US President Donald Trump’s first budget proposing a 28 percent cut in foreign aid, including drastic reduction in US funding for the United [...]

Korea is Back to the Eye of a Perfect Storm Again

By John J. Metzler - UNITED NATIONS — Thunder clouds are swirling over the Korean peninsula as a perfect storm of political instability and regional geopolitical challenges rumble through South Korea.
North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests, as well as Chinese bullying, have thrust the region into a dangerous cycle which could affect South Korea’s hard won peace and [...]

UN’s Rima Khalaf Forced to Leave Over Palestine

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – The head of the UN’s development agency for Asia, Rima Khalaf, has resigned after refusing to withdraw a report branding Israel an “apartheid state.” The report has been decried by Israel, the US and senior UN officials, Radio Deutsche Welle (RDW) reported.

Washington’s ambassador to the UN has called for the damning [...]

Important Matching Day 2017 for Medical Doctors

(VOA NEWS) WASHINGTON – By Kathleen Struck -For some medical students, getting a yes or no Friday was more important than finding the right life partner.
Friday was “Match Day,” the annual day when medical students find out which U.S. medical institution has accepted them for a residency program. It is a competition, of sorts: 32,000 training slots [...]

Trump and Merkel in White House No Handshake

By Michael Knigge (RDW) - Considering their rocky past, the first meeting between Donald Trump and Angela Merkel went reasonably well. But behind the assurances about the continuity of transatlantic ties were detectable tremors.

If the cancellation of their previously planned meeting due to severe weather in Washington could be perceived as a fitting symbol for Chancellor [...]

The Erosion of International Law — Who Cares

By Julia Rainer - VIENNA (IDN) – “In Syria we have an attack on hospitals every 17 hours, in fact we say the most dangerous place in the country to be in is a hospital. So I ask you, does anyone still believe there is something like international humanitarian law?”
With these sobering words, Zedoun Al-Zoubi, CEO [...]

Rutte Halts Right-Wing Populist in Netherlands

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – With his first-place finish in the Netherlands’ elections, Mark Rutte has effectively halted the right-wing populist Geert Wilders.
Wilders has vowed to win the next Dutch election after coming second to the current Prime Minister Rutte who celebrated the defeat of anti-EU populism this time.
And the messages – “from the pithy to [...]

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