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Germany a Welfare State

By Kate Fergunson (DW) – In Germany, the willingness to pay for peace of mind dates back more than a century. But are today’s insurance companies equipped to allay the nation’s biggest fears? DW’s Kate Ferguson takes a closer look. For the last quarter of a century, German insurance group R&V has been conducting an annual [...]

20 Years of NATO Bombing

By David Phillips – The caller ID indicated that Richard Holbrooke was on the phone. Curious, I thought. Holbrooke was in Belgrade with Slobodan Milosevic negotiating the withdrawal of Serbian forces from Kosovo.
Holbrooke was on the tarmac in Belgrade. Negotiations had broken down and NATO would start bombing the next day.
My heart pounded. After ten [...]

Reform Catholic Church

By Cristoph Strack – Pope Francis once made George Pell one of the Vatican’s most powerful men. Now, the cardinal is headed to prison for sexual abuse. It is time for the Catholic Church to reform itself, says DW’s Christoph Strack.

Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s third-highest ranking official who once served as the pope’s finance [...]

North Macedonia Start

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) – UNITED NATIONS – The process of changing the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s name has come to an end. Athens and Skopje first agreed on the name change in a landmark deal in June 2018, DW (Deutsche Welle) reported quoting news agencies.

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has formally renamed itself the Republic of North [...]

Munich Report Puzzle

WEBPUBLICAPRES – UNITED NATIONS – New York –  The global liberal order is fragmenting, but who can fit the pieces together again? That’s the question posed by the report, released as a curtain-raiser for this week’s Munich Security Conference, DW (Deutsche Welle) reported from Munich, Germany.

The world is in crisis — and the US is only making [...]

Happy End on Macedonia

WEBPUBLICA – New York – As he was hinting during a couple of weeks process Prime-Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras delivered a significant political victory by providing a simple majority in Parliament in Athens in full support for Prespa Agreement for accepting the change of name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the Republic [...]

German-Franch Pact

WEBPUBLICA (New York) – As an example to the rest of Europe, the new – some described as follow-up pact to the Elysee Treaty became the latest gesture of friendship between France and Germany. The new bilateral pact pledges deeper cooperation between the two nations and paves the way for EU reforms. And those were [...]

BREXIT – The End Game

(WEBPUBLICA) New York – The Brexit saga reaches its peak on Tuesday when the UK parliament votes on Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal with the EU. If she loses she could be out of a job. Rob Mudge looks at the vote and what could happen next, DW ‘Deutsche Welle) reported.

What are MPs voting on?
The [...]

Where’s Putin’s Mojo

By Steve Gutrerman – He’s been in power for as long as many Russians can remember. He carried the last presidential election with nearly 77 percent of the vote. And his country commands such attention abroad that its cartoon about a little girl and her bear buddy has been cast by some in the West [...]

Russia is Menace to Balkan

By David Phillips - Russia is aggrieved by the West’s growing influence in the Balkans, and Kosovo in particular. Despite historic ties between Russia and Serbia, and a shared Slavic and Orthodox Christian heritage, Russia was too weak economically and militarily to oppose NATO’s intervention in 1999, which culminated in Kosovo’s independence.
Today, however, Russia is resurgent. [...]

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