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Women Are Central to Peace & Development

By Amina J. Mohammed – Following is a slightly abridged version of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed’s remarks at the Security Council meeting on peace and security in Africa, in which she reports on her visits to Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. – Editor
UNITED NATIONS (WEBPUBLICAPRESS) – This undertaking, from 19 to [...]

Saluting the ‘Doughboys’ Who Entered WWI

By John J. Metzler - St. NAZAIRE, France — “Lafayette, we are here,” became the clarion call upon the arrival of the American Expeditionary Force to France in 1917.
The USA had just entered the hostilities, three years into the Great War, and now the battle hardened U.S. General John Pershing was in a sense returning the favor of [...]

Trump Blame on Both Sides in Charlottesville

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – US President Donald Trump has reverted to blaming “both sides” for the deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. Politicians from both parties in the US were quick to react, rejecting Trump’s position, Radio Deutsche Welle (RDW) reported quoting other news agencies.

At a dramatic press conference held at Trump Tower in [...]

US VP Pence Embraces Role as Key Diplomat

By Mike O’Sullivan (VOA News) LOS ANGELES — Vice President Mike Pence heads to Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Panama on Sunday, meeting with foreign leaders in a role that is becoming familiar for an administration that has left many top diplomatic posts unfilled.
Since April, Pence has visited South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Australia, attended security meetings in Munich and [...]

Milosevic Lost Kosovo — Can Serbia Let Go

By David L. Phillips – Serbia wants to join the European Union (EU). Brussels is clear: no EU membership for Serbia until it normalizes relations with Kosovo. Normalization means recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

Kosovo rejected ties to Serbia in 1991, in response to Slobodan Milosevic’s draconian repression. More than 10,000 Kosovo Albanians died and up to one million [...]

A British Journalist Head of UN Communications

By J Nastranis -UNITED NATIONS (IDN) – Nearly three months after Cristina Gallach of Spain vacated her post as head of the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI), Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed Alison Smale of the United Kingdom as her successor with the designation Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications.
Smale is the first head of DPI since [...]

CSTO Rift Grows Between Moscow And Astana

By Samuel Ramani (RFE) – On June 22, Vladimir Shamanov, the head of the Russian State Duma’s Committee on Defense, announced that Russian military officials were holding talks with their colleagues in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan about the potential deployment of Kazakh and Kyrgyz peacekeepers to Syria.
Even though Russian and Turkish officials were cautiously optimistic that Kazakhstan would [...]

Venezuela Opposition to Stand in Local Election

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – The US has sanctioned members of the new Venezuelan constituent assembly voted in last month. While it boycotted that vote, the opposition plans to take part in regional polls in an effort to limit President Nicolas Maduro’s power Radio Deutsche Welle (RDW) reported.

The US Treasury Department has sanctioned Adan Coromoto Chavez Frias, [...]

What is China Role in Latest North Korea Crisis

By Esther Faiden (RDW) – Whenever the situation on the Korean Peninsula gets tense, calls ring out for China to mediate. Beijing, it is said, should put pressure on its neighbor. But China has its own opinion.

It was a customary response from Beijing: The crisis over North Korea is “complicated and tense,” read a statement from the Chinese [...]

Consumers Often Trapped With Poisoned Food

Irene Banos Ruiz (RDW) - The ongoing scandal over contaminated eggs has raised serious concerns about food safety. How can we ensure the quality of products we buy – and eat? And how do illegal substances end up on our plates at all?

Most people would avoid deliberately eating pesticides - but they don’t realize that they’re eating them [...]

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