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Guterres i Srebrenica 2020

Piše Erol Avdović – Ove 2020 sigurno najvažnija aktivnost Misije Bosne i Hercegovine u
Ujedinjenim narodima ovdje u New Yorku bit će prvo komemoracija u povodu četvrt stoljeća od genocida u Srebrenici. A onda  - u novembru  i obilježavanje isto toliko – 25 godina od Dejtonskog mirovnog sporazuma, iako će se o ovome više brinuti Ambasada [...]

Will A-380 Survive the Market

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – In February 2019, Australia’s Qantas canceled their order for eight Airbus A380 superjumbos. But the real nail in the coffin came from the Persian Gulf when Emirates airline, the largest A380 customer, told the manufacturer that it would reduce its order from 162 to 123 aircraft. They would only buy 14 more [...]

Japan Already Produces Next Generation of Trains

Sevil Erkuş – TOKYO - Japan has been using high-speed train technology for nearly 60 years and is now preparing to switch to airborne Maglev trains, which is seen as the future railway technology.
The Maglev train, which can reach speeds of up to 603 kilometers per hour in tests, does not use conventional wheels to drive on rails. It [...]

Turkey Benefit US Retreat

By David Philips – Turkish war planes and artillery are attacking Kurdish positions in North and East Syria; Turkey’s foot soldiers, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), are massing at the border poised to attack. Terrorism is resurgent under Turkey’s protection. The FSA is a terrorist gang with a sordid history of atrocities and ties to [...]

Ahead of New Trump – Kim Nuclear Summit

By Steve Herman (VOA News) – ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE — U.S. President Donald Trump is heading to Hanoi for his second summit with Kim Jong Un amid hopes for a deal that would lead to the North Korean leader to give up his nuclear weapons.”I think we’ll have a very tremendous summit. We want denuclearization, [...]

Why UN Chief is not a Moral Champion in the Case of Khasoggi

By Erol Avdovic NEW YORK (IDN) – Pressure is mounting on the United Nations to set up an independent commission to investigate apparently premeditated and the barbaric killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul on October 2. And UN Secretary-General António Guterres faces growing public chorus pushing him [...]

Five Caspian Nations Sign a Landmark Convention

By Radwan Jakeem - NEW YORK – The presidents of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan have signed a landmark convention laying solid framework for use of resource-rich Caspian Sea at the Fifth Summit in the Kazakh city of Aktau after two decades of negotiations.
“The region has a unique culture, significant human resources [of 240 million [...]

Trump and Putin Set to Meet After Bolotn’s Visit

By Charles Maynes (VOA News) – MOSCOW — U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will hold their first formal summit July 16 in Helsinki.
The summit confirmation by both sides came a day after Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton met with top Russian officials, including Putin, to lay the groundwork for the [...]

How Democrats Could Alter Trump’s Presidency

By Jim Malone (VOA News) - U.S. voters head to the polls in November for a high-stakes congressional midterm election in which Republican control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate appears to be in jeopardy. The outcome of the elections could have a profound impact on U.S. President Donald Trump as well, and [...]

Who May Join US Military Attack on Syria If Any

By William Gallo (VOA News) – The United States says it is working on forming an international coalition to respond to last week’s suspected chemical weapons attack in a rebel-held Syrian town that left dozens dead. Here’s the latest on which countries may take part in possible military action:

FILE – Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime [...]

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