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Orhan Pamuk – I Can’t Live in Istanbul Any More

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) New York – Turkey’s Nobel laureate author Orhan Pamuk has said he “cannot live in Istanbul politically anymore” and voiced his frustration with changes in the city over the past 15 years, speaking in an interview with the book supplement of Italian newspaper La Stampa.
“I don’t love this current state of Istanbul, where my [...]

Nuclear War May Start Any Moment – N.Korea

(WEBPUBLICAPRESS) UNITED NATIONS New York – Pyongyang wants a nuclear-free world, but a nuclear war might still start due to “extreme and direct” US threat, North Korean deputy UN envoy Kim In Ryong said. Separately, the US hinted at direct talks with North Korea, Radio Deutsche Welle (RDW) reported quoting other agencies.

The situation on the [...]

Will US Congress Legally Restrain a Nuclear WW3

By Shanta Roy - UNITED NATIONS – U.S. President Donald Trump’s highly erratic behavior on nuclear weapons – and his public threats to “totally destroy” North Korea – have triggered a strong political backlash from anti-nuclear and anti-war activists.
“A central problem is that Donald Trump seems ignorant about what nuclear weapons really are, and the humanitarian catastrophe [...]

Why Syria was Sidelined in UN Assembly Debate

By John J. Metzler - UNITED NATIONS — Perhaps it’s the dangerous global threat from North Korean nukes. Maybe it’s political fatigue and crisis overload. Or it could be the escalating ethnic cleansing in Burma.
But the long running and brutal Syrian civil war has become largely an afterthought for many delegates at the current UN Assembly session.
Last year [...]

Uncertain Aftermath When Trump Drop Iran Deal

By Margaret Besheer (VOA News) UNITED NATIONS — On October 12, U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce whether his administration still finds Iran in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. Here’s a look at what could happen if he chooses not to certify Tehran’s compliance.

What is the Iran nuclear deal?In July 2015, the permanent five members [...]

Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 — Right Decision

By Mariin Muno – The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the anti-nuclear weapons organization ICAN. It is the right decision at the right moment, says RDW (Radio Deutsche Welle) commentary

It was clear that the Nobel committee would not be able to get around the issue of nuclear weapons this year. Not when [...]

Unutarnja i Vanjska u Bosni

Piše: Nihad Djozić - ’Ako ne gradite svoje snove, drugi će vas zaposliti da gradite njihove’. Vrebaju sa svih strana, nude ništa, sve i svašta, i s lijeva i s desna, a narod je u sredini, onako osrednji, ni tamo ni ovamo, a tako nagodan da možeš šta hoćeš, neće se naljutiti… Nigdje se nije lakše [...]

US Astrophysicists 2017 – Nobel Prize in Physics

WEBPUBLICAPRESS (NEW YORK) – Three US astrophysicists have been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for their first observation of universal gravitational waves. Albert Einstein first predicted the existence of the waves more than a century ago, Radio Deutsche Welle (RDW) reported.

Photo credit DW (For education only) 2017 Physics Nobel Prize winners (left to [...]

US Call For Arms Embargo

By Thalif Deen – UNITED NATIONS – When US Ambassador Nikki Haley called for a virtual arms embargo against the repressive and much-maligned military regime in Myanmar, she took a passing shot at two of her fellow veto-wielding, permanent members of the Security Council – namely China and Russia – who are primary arms suppliers [...]

Hungary Want to Protect Christian Refugees

By John J. Metzler - UNITED NATIONS — One of the silent tragedies among the conflicts raging in the Middle East, concerns the fate of the ancient and now persecuted Christian communities. Concerns for the forgotten and once vibrant Christian minorities especially in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are often politely air brushed out of political discussions.
Hungary’s Foreign Minister [...]

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